Historic Almshouse in Bristol


Dr. White’s Almshouse Bristol, formerly of Temple Street, and now situated in Prewett Street near St. Mary Redcliffe, provides accommodation for 18 residents and a warden.

The Almshouse caters for elderly residents in need of support.

For more information on this accommodation and to apply, see the contact page.

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Dr. Thomas White, a celebrated preacher, social reformer and benefactor, founded the Almshouse in 1613 – the Almshouse has a long and fascinating history.

Until 1882, the Almshouse consisted of a parallelogram of small buildings, with a narrow grass plot running through the centre. It was intended for 10 ‘poor and impotent’ people.

In March 1882, Governors decided to pull down the Almshouses and rebuild. This building was eventually demolished in 1968, replaced by the current Almshouses at Prewett Street.

As Dr. White’s Almshouse entersits 400th year in operation, the Almshouse charity – managed by a body of Bristol-based trustees – is attempting to delve into the deep and eventful history of the Almshouse.


An Almshouse in its 400th year of residency is unprecedented and frankly astounding – hence its trustees’ desire to turn the relatively unknown part of Bristol’s history into a renowned landmark of a great city.


Dr. White’s held a lovely celebratory event in the form of a Strawberry Tea Party in July 2013 to acknowledge this landmark.

There is also an exhibition planned for later in 2013 at B Bond.

The Almshouse would like to appeal for information and anecdotes from Bristol residents who had friends, relatives and loved ones accommodated in Dr. White’s.

Do you know somebody with links to Dr. White’s Almshouse, Bristol? We would love to hear from you. Get in touch with your stories!

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